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477 Greentree Road Ste. C
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Sewell Teeth Whitening, Dental Implants, Veneers

From routine cleanings and fillings to bruxism devices, Personalized Dental Care is equipped to handle all your dental needs. To help you understand your options, we've included descriptions of some of our leading services on this page.

  • Bonding
  • Cosmetic Contouring
  • Crowns and Bridges
  • Specialty Dentures
  • Cosmetic Fillings
  • Implants
  • Veneers
  • Whitening
  • Braces
  • Sealants
  • Root Canal Therapy
  • Extractions
  • Scaling and Root Planing
  • Jaw/TMJ
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Lumineers by Cerinate
  • Invisalign (Invisible Braces)

What Sets Us Apart

  • Would you like a more beautiful smile? We offer Lumineers by Cerinate. These beautiful "Lumineers" are painless because they do not require the removal of any tooth structure! Therefore no shots! The contact-lens-thin "smile shapers" are applied to your teeth without the need to grind away any of your tooth surface! These "Lumineers" will transform your worn, stained or misshapen teeth into a naturally beautiful smile that looks perfect for every individual! Ultra thin, super strong, crack resistant "Lumineers" will perfectly whiten your cracked, chipped, fragile or spaced teeth into a beautiful smile for years! They take only 2 visits to create the transformation! Ask us for more information today.
  • We now offer Invisalign, the invisible way to straighten teeth without braces? So invisible, no one will notice! Invisalign uses a series of nearly undetectable aligners instead of brackets and wires. This new treatment can give you the smile you have always wanted without the braces you have always avoided. Invisalign are more comfortable than traditional braces and because they are removable, eating, brushing and flossing are no problem, WITH INVISALIGN, there is nothing to hide! If you have any questions on Invisalign, please feet free to speak with us today!
  • The Diagnodent Laser Fluorescence system allows for more precise, reliable and safer method of detecting cavities. Diagnodent uses laser light to help detect early cavities that are undetected visually or by x-ray. Cavities are detected long before x-rays are able to find them. For you this means better and more economical dental care. another way we give you the most advanced dental care available.
  • Our Digital Radiography system gives us the ability to take x-rays with far less exposure for you to harmful x-rays. Digital x-rays use 6 times less radiation than regular x-rays. We recognize patient safety as part of our commitment to your care. It also saves in developing x-rays, and in some systems the x-ray image will be available immediately.
  • Woud you like a whiter smile? Kor whitening is the perfect alternative for our time pressed clients who want immediate results. An average of 8 shades on just 60 minutes. the new 1 hour Kor whitening system insures quick, precise patient set up for optimal results. Let us help you achieve the whitest smile possible!


Initial Oral Examination
Your initial oral examination includes a visual examination, charting, periodontal probing, diagnosis and treatment recommendations. We will also take x-rays, which includes proper diagnosis of the anterior (front) and posterior (back) teeth as well as the bite-wing x-ray series for proper diagnosis of proximal decay of posterior teeth.

Dental Implants
Dental Implant is an artificial tooth root replacement to support restoration that resemble a tooth or group of teeth. Dental implant surgery is performed by Dr. Haddad as an outpatient with local anesthetic. There is no extra work involved for you to care for your implants. We recommend to treat them like your natural teeth. Implants have had wonderful success rate in recent years of about 98%; That's higher than most surgical procedure in the medical world.

Teeth Bleaching
Our state-of-the-art, in-office Power Bleaching system will make your teeth whiter in less than 1.5 hours. Another option is our home bleaching system you take with you for results in 2 weeks. You can also consider a combination program of both systems for optimal, long-term results.

Crowns and Veneers
You can have a new smile with all-porcelain crowns (empressed material) on the anterior teeth. For the posterior, we use porcelain fused to metal.

Fillings: Resin
Tooth-colored filings that are light cured to match your teeth.

Root Canals
Root Canal require one to two visits. There are tiny canals within your tooth that may become infected. This leads to the pulp to get infected as well. Root Canal procedure involves on cleaning theses canals and filled them then the tooth receives either a filling or a crown.

Periodontal Treatment
You should have a standard cleaning at least twice a year. A periodontal treatment includes an Adult Prophy (basic cleaning). If it has been over a year since your last cleaning, possible treatment will include either Periodontal Scaling (deeper) or Root Planning and Scaling (requires anesthetic).

Mouth Guards
Whether you are an athlete or casual sports participant, you should wear a mouth guard to protect your teeth. If you grind your teeth while you sleep, a bite guard will help reduce symptoms of TMJ. We custom make mouth guards in both soft and hard materials.

Removable Dental Prosthesis
For missing teeth, we can make dentures or removable partials for you.

Fred C. Haddad DMD FAGD

Dr. Haddad emphasizes offering the most up to date advances in dental technology and cosmetic procedures with the goal of helping every patient achieve their brightest smile and providing a lifetime of dental care


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